This 61-Year-Old Finally Stops Perming Her Hair and Looks Stunning

When we see makeover before and after photos, most of the time we’re blown away by the transformation. The recipients are too! It can be exciting to see how something as simple as a new hairstyle refreshes someone’s spirit. Happy tears and smiles are combined with a fresh glow!

The beauty of beauty is that it comes in different forms. It can be outer beauty, an inner strength, or a warm aura that captures others. For women, it’s usually a blend of all these things that tend to mean you’ve got it going on! However, it’s easy to forget when you’re busy with work, children, grandchildren, and other obligations. Things like taking a hot bath are a small triumph.

But what happens when you start itching for a change? There’s a little nudge urging you that it’s okay to switch things up and be pampered. You may or may not notice it yourself. Sometimes it takes a close relative or friend to push for it. Iowa sisters Sandy and Deb were treated by The Today Show’s Ambush Makeover team to double makeovers.

Baby sis Deb is a 55-year-old wife and mom of two, and made it known she had tried a few times to be chosen for the show’s segment. This time it happened during a sisters’ trip with older sibling Sandy, just in time for Deb’s birthday. Sandy is a hardworking 61-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother who has been sporting the same look for decades.

Under the guidance of hair and fashion experts Louis Licari and Jill Martin, the two women underwent stunning transformations. As part of the setup, they were not able to see themselves until stepping on the stage and looking into a mirror. Up first was Sandy, who strolled out in a blue and red dress, with blue drop earrings and peep toe pumps.

For her hair, the perm was washed out and it was styled into a layered bob with side bangs. The coloring was lightened a little bit to give her a youthful, fresh look. She didn’t even recognize herself! After Sandy saw her reflection in the mirror she was speechless. In order to surprise her sister, she was escorted off to the side until Deb made her own appearance.

Younger sister Deb walked onto the set in a sleek open-back black dress with a sheer mesh top. What a huge change! She too was flabbergasted when she saw her sister’s made-over look, and when she twirled and saw herself in the mirror. Her hair was transformed into a long pixie cut with one side brushed back. Gold earrings accented her dress and her new look screamed elegance.

These two foxy ladies were already a pretty pair, but it’s amazing how a fresh ‘do and glam dress can change the game. They were in shock themselves! Now Sandy’s a “Glam Ma” and her sister Deb feels like a new person. What do you think of these ladies’ fabulous new looks? When was the last time you were pampered? Share with us in the comments!