Parents have gotten used to loading up car seats and strollers into their vehicles or setting both contraptions up when taking baby out for a stroll. Some even have a set for each car.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a car seat-stroller combo rolled into one package? It exists! We’re not talking about your average travel system either, we are speaking of the Doona. The first and only of its kind, the Doona is an infant car seat that quickly transforms into a stroller with a click.

Like all infant seats, this one comes with a base for your car, which is optional to use. That’s good news for parents who need to strap it into a plane, taxi, or boat. Yes, it can be used with all modes of transportation!

Equipped with an adjustable, rotating handle and canopy, the stroller offers easy maneuvering for Mom and Dad and a smooth ride for your baby. The Doona has a sophisticated design that includes side impact protection and a washable infant insert and headrest. Children up to 35 pounds are able to ride around without being woken up!

If you’re excited about the prospect of not having to lug around two pieces of heavy baby gear, then imagine how much grandparents and nannies will also appreciate it. Worried about rain, bugs, or essentials? You can also purchase extra accessories for your Doona convertible that will cover all those needs.

To learn more about how the Doona works and to see it in action, check out this video!


Do you wish you had a Doona? Would you buy this for yourself or a loved one? What do you like the most about the Doona?