In the age of coronavirus, it’s weird nowadays to see someone NOT in a face mask. Masks have become the norm whenever you’re in public spaces, whether that be at a grocery store or even laying on the beach.

Wearing a face covering has shown to be helpful in decreasing the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses. So simply by wearing a mask, you can help keep yourself and others around you healthy.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone is pro wearing masks. There have been countless incidents of people making a big deal about wearing a mask—like this woman who threw a tantrum in Costco or this woman who threw her groceries on the floor of a supermarket when asked to put a mask on.

These people would probably do better at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, considering the two stores just announced that they will be lifting their previous requirements of wearing face masks at their stores. Yes, that means you can walk into any of these stores in the country without having your face covered!

Of course, people are still encouraged to wear masks—the stores have even noted that they still “request” that customers cover up—they simply won’t be required to do so (which hopefully means less “Karens” like this one).

There has been no mention by Dollar Tree or Family Dollar of why they decided to lift the requirement. The stores did mention that they will go back to requiring the use of wearing masks only if mandated by state or local rules, but as of now, it’s free range.

To hear more on the story, check out the video below.

What do you think of these stores no longer requiring customers to wear face masks? Would you feel comfortable walking into a store like this without a mask, or would you still cover up your face, even though it wasn’t necessary?