The Dollar Store can be a wonderful place of saving money – that is, if you know how to navigate it correctly. Yes, you can waste money at the Dollar Store, just like any full-price store you’d go to. But not if you play your cards right. With a little know-how, you can make every Dollar Store trip a total score and save some serious money. Check out these 10 tips for making the most of your Dollar Store shopping trips.

1 . Buy in Bulk Online

We don’t have to tell you this one: coupons are amazing. You can save so much money on a weekly or monthly basis just by taking the time to coupon. To make life that much easier, Dollar General let’s you print out coupons right online. Go to their website at and sign up for the Savings Zone, where you’ll get the best printable deals emailed to you.

4. Buy Household Basics

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A great thing to buy at the Dollar Store are household essentials. These  can range from party supplies, greeting cards, and gift wrap, to cleaning supplies like mops, all-purpose cleaners, and garbage bags. Why buy these basics for a hefty price at the grocery store when you can get the same thing for a fraction of the price? Especially since these are items you’ll need to buy time and time again.

5. Bring a List

Like any shopping trip, you can get a little carried away if you don’t have some boundaries holding you back! And when you’re in the Dollar Store? Where everything is such a deal?! Well, it wouldn’t take much to overspend, even when everything is a dollar! Using a list can help you stick to what you NEED rather than what catches your eye. No impulse buys on a budget.

6. Don’t Buy Medication

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Another thing to avoid buying at the Dollar Store is medication and vitamins. There have been multiple reports of expired medicines or misleading labeling on medical products from various dollar stores, which could result in health complications. Stick to pharmacies for your medicine.

7. Stock Up on Food

Prices on food are always changing, even at the Dollar Store. So when you see a deal on dry good items, like pasta, cereal, or snacks, stock up quick! Just make sure you check the expiration date first.

8. Examine Closely Deals That Seem TOO Good

You see a package of BRAND NAME t-shirts for a dollar – obviously you are going to snag that deal! But, if a steal like this seems a little TOO good to be true, go with your gut. Examine the packaging a little more closely. You might just find that all of the t-shirts have big gaping holes in them.

9. Don’t Buy Products You Can Get Elsewhere

Some items at the Dollar Store, like cleaning supplies, are most likely cheapest from the Dollar Store, even if they’re not brand name items. But other things, like soaps and composition notebooks, can be found at Walmart under respected brand names for the same (or for a better) price.

Make sure you do some comparing of what is best to buy where before you commit to purchasing products at one store or another.


10. Shop Early for Seasonal Goods

One of the BEST things you can get at dollar stores are seasonal goods. There are decorations for every season and holiday for unbeatable prices. However, this is pretty common knowledge. Aim to buy your seasonal items ASAP, because the good stuff will be gone quickly.

Even better, you can take that cheap decor you got and do some of these awesome DIY projects to make them look even fancier!



Do you have any tips or tricks you use to save at the Dollar Store? Share them in the comments section below.