I have to admit, as much as I love the dollar store for its easily-identifiable pricing and variety, some things are cheaper elsewhere. You know it, too.

In addition to that fact, the quality isn’t always up to par. You probably have learned that the hard way with some products and wished you’d known better. It’s okay. If you’ve been on the fence about what to buy or what not to try, this video from Household Hacker can help.

They drop ten items you should avoid snatching up from the dollar store to help you save money in the long run. Why spend $1 today for something you will just need to replace within the next few weeks? Buy better quality and your goods will last longer.

Here’s a short list of which items to avoid from everyone’s favorite discount spot. Stay tuned so you can watch the video for more tips!

  1. Batteries

    If you have kids, then you probably run through batteries for remotes, toys, and whatever weird devices they own that require AAA batteries. I get it.

    But instead of making a mad dash for the cheapo packs each time something drains, do yourself a favor and get a more reliable brand outside of the dollar store. Reliably change the channel without having to get up.

  2. Paper Goods

    You can find brand-name TP and paper towels at the dollar store, but it’s usually a smaller or flimsier version. Is anybody really a fan of 1-ply toilet paper? In a pinch, these items will do, but you’re better off heading to the supermarket or other store to get higher quality products and more for your money.

  3. Pet Food & Snacks

    Pet owners who want to make sure their fur babies are getting good nutrition may want to avoid off-brand dollar store food. They contain fillers and other ingredients that aren’t good for pet health. Instead, buy from pet stores, large retail chains, or feed stores.

  4. Audio & Electrical Equipment

    Put simply, the electronics section should be skipped in the dollar store unless you have a dire need. Besides not lasting long, these products can also damage your precious, costly devices. Buy chargers, cords, and ear buds from a reputable vendor.

  5. Cheese

    All you have to do is listen to the video to get an idea about this bargain dairy product. Cheese— or is it? There’s a difference in taste and quality between cheese and “cheese product”. Your choice.

  6. Meat

    Watch out for cheap cuts of meat like rib eye steaks, as they’re full of sodium and shrink during cooking. You’ll get more bang for your buck at the grocery store, where coupons and specials are on your side.

Keep watching to see what additional products Household Hacker suggests you purchase elsewhere. That doesn’t mean you should abandon your love for the dollar store, because they’re still full of great finds and bargains! Just know when to fold.

What else would you add to this list? Have you had good luck with one or more of these items?