For decor fiends out there, you’re probably most commonly found perusing the websites of Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, and Barney’s, drooling over their beautiful accent pieces and ottomans…and subsequently having a mild heart attack at the price. As beautiful as home decor can be, the price for those stylish pieces is often more than many of us (or our budgets) can handle. But never fear, you don’t have to starve yourself of lovely decor that could make your dream home come to life, and you also don’t have to give up rent money to decorate your apartment!

What’s the compromise, you ask? The Dollar Store, of course! There are few things the Dollar Store can’t do.

While you might not walk through the Dollar Store and see the same gorgeous pieces of decor that you would in Williams-Sonoma (and you probably wouldn’t smell the same lovely aroma, either…) your chances for creative decorating are all around you! It might be hard to see the potential in these items when you see them at face value, but Do It On A Dime is going to show us how many amazing ways we can transform these cheap items into classy decor.

Whether it’s personalized coasters, fun graphic art for your walls, plate art (we’ve never heard of this, but we LOVE it!), or quirky wall decals, you can create all of these home-must haves for next to nothing! The best part? Even though you’re spending so little, the end result of these projects leaves you with expensive-looking pieces.

Make these pieces for your own home or for thoughtful, personalized gifts for the approaching holiday season – who has to know you went to the Dollar Store at all?

What do you think of these creative, Dollar Tree decor ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Personalized Coasters

How to Mod Podge personalized coasters.DoItOnADime


  • Coasters
  • Pictures
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush


  1. Cut your pictures to size so that they’re a little smaller than your coasters and set them in place.
  2. With a brush, cover the front and back of your photo in Mod Podge, pressing it into place at the center of your coaster.
  3. Allow to dry before using.

Bonus Tip: Use Shutterfly to get free prints almost any time of year! They’re almost always doing some kind of promotion.

2. Graphic Wall Art

Make graphic wall art.DoItOnADime


  • Calendar
  • Picture frame


  1. Chose a calendar with bold, modern fonts and a frame to match.
  2. Pull out the calendar months and put them inside the frame.

Bonus Tip: Use a holiday calendar to freshen up your mantel for the holiday season.

3. Plate Art

Make hanging plate art for cheap.DoItOnADime


  • White plates
  • Sharpie
  • Plate hangers


1. Clean plate with rubbing alcohol
2. Practice design on paper and then draw on mug. Regular Sharpies don’t work as well. Get an oil-based option. If you aren’t eating off of them, it doesn’t REALLY matter, but the oil-based will give you more longevity and be more true to color.
3. Let FULLY dry (24-48 hours)
4. Put plates in a COOL OVEN and then turn on. You want it to heat gradually. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
5. Bake for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Turn off the oven and let cool fully before removing.

4. Wall Decals

This is less of a DIY and really just a fantastic hack for getting wall decals at dirt cheap prices! Do It On A Dime noticed there was a website on the back of a wall decal she had bought at the Dollar Tree, Main Street Wall Creations. From this site, you can get wall decals at $1.50, which is an extremely economical way to get the look you want!