21 Dogs Who Don’t Respect Personal Space

Do you ever find yourself having a hard time getting out of bed? Do you feel a heavy weight on your chest in the mornings that you just can’t shake? Is that weight furry and slobbery and equipped with four paws? If so, you may be the owner of a dog who does not respect your personal space– and if you’re not, then maybe it’s time to call the exterminator about that rat problem…

Yup, our four-legged friends really do have a way with, well, getting in the way, don’t they? Personally speaking, we don’t necessarily mind the intrusive behavior, but there are times when our fur baby just acts like a downright baby. Those are the times when we have to yell “Down!” and face the wrath of his puppy eyes. It doesn’t get any sadder than that!

Totally relate to what we’re putting down? Then it’s time that you take a good, long look at your love-starved pup. If your dog falls into 1–or 5!– of these categories, then he definitely has an issue with personal space!

  1.  He doesn’t let you get out of bed in the morning

    This grumpy bulldog uses his big paws to put his owner in a headlock. If he doesn’t go to work, he won’t be able to pay for your food, buddy!

  2. He’s an even BIGGER dog that doesn’t want you to get out of bed in the morning

    A bull dog is one thing, but a St.Bernard is a totally different animal!

  3. He looks over your shoulder any chance he gets

    And falls asleep on said shoulder, too!

  4. He steals the attention away from his sister

    Meet Husky/Shepard mixes Titan and Holly. Titan loves attention and so does Holly, but they BOTH don’t love it when their owner doesn’t focus SOLEY on them.

  5. He tries to snatch food from your baby

    Watch the video to see who won this epic battle! Spoiler alert: Things didn’t go so well for the baby…

  6. He takes the wheel

    That toddler’s getting his first driving lesson… from a dog.

  7. He “helps” you with your homework

    Who could concentrate on their coursework with THAT face at the keyboard?

  8. He bends over backward for you

    This “little guy” prefers to cuddle nose-to-forehead!

  9. He likes to bunk with his friend

    Let’s face it— that bed is NOT big enough to hold both doggies!

  10. He has become your “Kryptonite”

    It looks like this mini Superman won’t be getting up off that couch anytime soon!

  11. He holds your pillow hostage

    Just because this dog resembles a pillow doesn’t mean he has the authority to take his owner’s!

  12. He protects you like his life depends on it

    If only he could set up camp NEAR his owner, not ON him!

  13. He joins you in your morning routine

    Maybe this pooch is just trying to pick up the latest makeup trends?

  14. He follows you to the toilet

    …with his puffy friend in tow!

  15. He ruins your selfies

    Sorry, but your dog doesn’t care about how many planks you did today.

  16. He visits you when you’re “in jail”

    And he even brings his friends to help break you out!

  17. He enhances your movie viewing experience

    Apparently, this pooch’s owner is more entertaining than what’s on the screen.

  18. He helps you reach your fitness goals

    Hey, that added resistance is worth something!

  19. He naps on your feet

    … or he’s keeping his human in one spot. Sounds about right.

  20. He makes you his own personal body pillow

    Being crushed by pounds of doggy fur is a small price to pay for being able to hang with that fluff monster!

  21. He wines and dines you

    Or begs for your food from under the table. Tomato-tomato.

Those pups just don’t know how to give their humans a breather! We’d love to hear your thoughts on these silly dogs. Which picture is your favorite? Does yours do any of these things? If so, how do you get him to give you space?