She’s Trying to Train Her Dog by Offering a Treat. Keep Your Eyes on the Baby!

Dogs are extremely intelligent (especially breeds like this sweet dog, a golden retriever) and can do some pretty impressive tricks…if bribed with cookies, most of the time. This woman is trying to train her dog to balance a treat on his nose, then flick the treat up and catch it in his mouth. The dog is more than happy to try and claim his treat – but there’s one little problem. They have a treat thief in their midst! Watch the video below and don’t take your eyes off the baby NEXT to the dog.

This poor dog! He’s doing such a great job, doing exactly what he’s being asked to do (he stays so perfectly still, doesn’t he?) but then when he goes to perform the trick, the baby has stolen his treat!

The baby may be cute and all that, but the dog looks so confused, it’s breaking my heart.

For anyone who couldn’t tell (because I may or may not have been concerned at the start myself) these aren’t dog treats. It seems to just be some kind of bread that’s perfectly safe for this baby to steal and eat.