Dog Hilariously Interrupts Little Girl Playing in the Snow

You know those moments in life when your kids do something SO funny and adorable you wish so much that you’d had the camera rolling? This mom who recorded this video of her little girl experiencing snow didn’t want to miss a thing— and she ended up capturing something else entirely!

When children – or pets, for that matter!experience snow for the first time, naturally you’ve got to have a camera rolling. Some fresh powder and sweet, adorable little ones guarantee some happy hijinks. So we totally understand why this mom had a camera rolling, and we think it’s adorable pretty instantly. Just look at this little girl in her snowsuit!

Little girl in pink snowsuit plays in snowKyoot Animals

So adorable. We love her pink ensemble, and we love the fact that she doesn’t quite seem to know what’s expected of her in this new, snowy landscape. So she just does her best to toddle about without falling down, and concerns herself with finding the perfect placement for that sledding snow tube.

The camera stays focused on her the whole time – we have a feeling Mom’s hoping she’ll go on to do something extra adorable – but after moving the tube, the little girl’s focus turns to the right at something just off screen. What in the world has caught her attention? Well, it’s the funny and adorable thing Mom was hoping for, but definitely not what she was expecting!

Just watch the video from Kyoot Animals; this moment really needs to be witnessed first hand.

What in the world?! Let’s take a closer look at THAT!

Have you ever seen a dog do something like that?! The way he’s moving across the snow is so funny, and so strange. Do you think he’s doing it on purpose to enjoy the slipping and sliding a little? Did he lose his balance? Or does somebody just want a little more attention?

Weigh in on your theories in the comments, and tell us about your own favorite funny and adorable wintertime memories!