This Dog Has a Very Unique Way of Playing in the Snow. So Funny!

If you ever want to see a really happy but totally confused dog, take him outside to play on a snowy day. They WANT to have fun, but they just can’t figure out HOW— unless they’re Rafi. This sweet and adorable black Labrador figures out his own way to play in the snow, and it is TOO funny.

I remember seeing my dog go outside every time it was the first snow of the season. No matter how many times she’d seen the first snowfall of the year, she was constantly surprised by the snow!

She could never quite figure out what snow WAS; she would run outside and stop short at the sight of the white blanket of snow covering the yard. Then she would dip a paw in the icy stuff and be totally appalled.

But, after a moment, she would simply leap headfirst into the closest pile of snow! Most likely because she didn’t totally know how to go about playing in this weird, fluffy white stuff, so she just went for it.

Rafi has a similarly hilarious reaction.

When the camera turns on, the first thing we see is poor Rafi sliding out of control. He slips onto his side and just kind of goes along for the ride! When he finally gets a hold of what’s going on, he stumbles to his feet and tries to take another stab at this whole playing in snow business.

His next technique is to try rubbing on the snow with his face, but the hard, icy surface won’t budge. Within seconds, Rafi has slipped and his sliding (on his side) down the slippery yard once again!

You want to feel bad for him, but he looks like he’s having so much fun just sliding around! You’ve got to hand it to him (and most dogs, for that matter), Rafi knows how to have fun no matter what.

What do you think of this hilarious video? Does your dog try and play in snow like Rafi does? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.