Anybody who ventures to call themselves a “dog lover” knows that humans and canines share a truly special bond. Our pups are with us through the good times and the bad, and always do their best to show their love. While some doggies snuggle or fetch the morning paper to show that they care, there are a few who use their vocal chops to connect with their owners.

In today’s viral video, a big ole basset hound has a conversation with his human bud that reminds us of what it’s like to try and have a chat with a teenager. Get ready for a whole lot of whining and an awful lot of cuteness!

The clip begins with a shot of a massive hound on a chair that, we’re thinking, was definitely not intended to be slept on by him—you know how dogs can be about taking over furniture!

And judging by that wrinkly furrowed brow, we’re guessing that the napping pup is in the midst of a very deep sleep. So deep, in fact, he seems to be doing some pretty poignant sleep talking—or sleep howling!

The owner/videographer picks up on the fact that his pooch seems to be having a passionate exchange with an unknown character in his doggy dreamland, and he finds himself unable to resist mimicking his four-legged friend.

From there, the animal awakens and has a full MINUTE AND A HALF discussion with his keeper. We’ve gotta admit, the act certainly is fascinating to watch. Their banter sounds perfectly seamless and natural!

After viewing the clip, we became curious about why the phenomenon of dogs speaking back to their owners occurs in the first place. It turns out that dogs do communicate vocally through bays, barks, whimpers, and whines. Amazingly, studies have shown that some canines actually have the ability to imitate specific words and sounds that their owners make!

In this situation, it seems that the drooling star of our video is using his impersonating skills as a way to bond with his favorite human. Experts say that dogs use this form of communication to express their emotions.

Instead of using complex vocabulary and language like humans do, dogs have their own way of conveying their feelings. Next time you are having a back-and-forth with your best doggy friend, pay close attention to their pitch.

Gary Lucas, a psychology scholar, explains, “Dogs are able to imitate humans as well as they do because they pick up on the differences in our tonal patterns.”

Interesting stuff, huh? Now that you know why dogs and humans are capable of having perfectly “normal” conversations, it’s time to see a hilarious example of one for yourself. To witness this curious basset hound and man tête-à-tête, be sure to click on the video below. We promise, this one will have you HOWLING!

What do you think the dog is trying to say to his owner? Do you have a dog that talks back to you? Does your dog talk in his sleep? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!