Dog Called “Hero”, After Saving Entire Family

Man’s best friend is now a family’s greatest hero.

Greta, a 5-year-old german shepherd is being called a hero after she woke up her owner in the middle of the night. Greta kept barking and barking and wouldn’t stop.

Greta’s owner Ken Walsh got up to discover that the propane stove had a leak. The gas from the stove had already filled up several rooms in the home. Not only is propane gas toxic it’s also highly flammable.

Ken Walsh, Greta’s owner credits her with saving him, his wife and 14-year old son.

In a beautiful twist that sometimes happen in life, Greta was a rescue dog that Ken and his family welcomed into his home. As fate would have it, Greta rescued them right back.

As a special reward for saving the family, Greta was treated to a dinner of steak and sweet potatoes.

Editor: a friendly reminder that the holidays are a wonderful time to take in a rescue pet.

This story was originally reported by Delaware Online.