We all have those illogical fears. Whether you can’t stand the thought of the dark, spiders, clowns, you name it, everyone has something that just downright creeps them out. You might know why you have that fear, or it may just be something subconscious that you can’t place. Regardless, it’s something we all have in common. But it’s not just humans who have these deep, dark fears – animals do, too! Or, at least, this adorable pit bull does.

Queso the pit bull is a great, sweet dog, according to his owners, but he has one weird quirk about him: Queso is terrified of doorways. So terrified that trying to get the pup to walk through a door is like Mission Impossible.

The owners have no idea why the dog is so afraid of doorways, but it’s something they noticed from the moment they adopted him. Needless to say, it’s been a sad and oftentimes irksome thing for these people and for Queso.

Don’t worry, though, because Queso has got it all under control. No more is he going to struggle walking through doorways, not if he has anything to say about it!

No, he didn’t conquer his fear exactly, this clever dog just came up with a brilliant and hilarious way to cope with these dreaded doors.

Every time Queso gets to a doorway now, he turns around and backs up through the doorway, tail first. While this is a pretty funny thing to watch, you have to admire this dog’s smarts! He figured out a quick way to get from room to room without having to feel the fear of walking head-first through a door. He obviously still is walking through a door, but maybe he doesn’t feel so frightened this way!

Queso’s owner had to take a video of the pit bull’s new habit, which eventually turned into this amazing compilation! We have to admit, we didn’t know what to expect at first.

At the start of the video, a woman with the camera is calling for two dogs to come upstairs in the bedroom where she is. Both dogs – Queso and his adopted brother, Declan – come racing up the stairs to the bedroom. Declan goes bounding inside, which the woman congratulates him on, but we see Queso is still standing nervously outside the door.

Our heart completely breaks for him! He looks so sad and scared, like he just wants to go get cuddled by his mom but there’s this terrifying thing in his way. Darn door frames.

When the woman coaxes him a bit, calling him to her, he finally does his big move. He turns around, pivots his back legs, and walks backwards straight through the door. The moment he’s over the threshold he turns around and is back to his normal, playful self! Naturally, he gets a lot of love for his valiant efforts.

Well, his fear may not be going away, but this pitbull has found one of the most clever ways to cope we’ve ever seen! We applaud him.

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