Ready for a seriously heartwarming story? Good, because we have one of the sweetest ever for you today! It’s recently gone viral, and for good reason–it’s one of those nice, simple tales that does a great job of highlighting how giving folks can be, even during the darkest of times.

A Canadian neurosurgeon by the name of Dr. P. Daniel McNeely posted these two photos to his Twitter account last week, along with a caption explaining the unusual scene…

As you can see, the neurosurgeon is “operating” on a teddy bear prior to going in for his real surgery. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the patient that made this request is a little kid–and one who is, sadly, very familiar with hospital rooms and surgeries.

CBC News got the entire scoop behind the now-viral post when the news organization interviewed Rick McKie, the father of the little boy who was set to go into surgery after his teddy bear was “fixed.” According to the dad, the teddy bear is his son, Jackson’s, “best buddy” and has been a mainstay his whole life, “through thick and thin.”

So, when the 8-year-old, hydrocephalus sufferer was being prepped for surgery, he wanted to make sure that his furry friend got the same treatment as him. Apparently, Dr. McNeely was so tickled by the request that he tweeted the picture and caption, the first time he had ever used the social media platform.

The neurosurgeon says that he was “not looking for” fame when he originally made the post but instead thought that his gesture “might make people smile somewhere.”

Well, Dr. McNeely, your post surely made US smile! And, we’re sure our readers are smiling now, too!

We’d love to hear your take on this sweet Twitter post. Are you a fan of Dr. McNeely’s picture? Have you ever had a doctor do something similar for your child?