When it comes to organization, shelves are an ideal choice for displays and storage. They can help you save floor space, add a decorative touch to a room, or function as protectors of valuable collections. It’s pretty hard to avoid having shelves somewhere in your space.

You need to have options though. Finding shelf options that don’t break your wallet or cramp your style can be a challenge, so you’ll need to get creative. You can make something that’s just the right size and perfect for your needs, even if you’re not the craftiest person.

Easy and practical, the DIY shelf projects shared in the video from Trinity Jae are great for dorm rooms, offices, or any other space. They also combine being frugal with being eclectic by using materials like milk crates and straw baskets as hanging wall shelves.


Image of crate as shelf.Trinity Jae


  • Plastic milk crates (sizes of your choosing)
  • Straw/wicker basket (sturdy and tightly woven)
  • Command™ wire hooks


  1. Mark It

    Mark the wall where you’d like your shelves to be placed. Use a ruler to ensure your shelf won’t be crooked.

  2. Stick It

    diy shelves adhesiveTrinity Jae

    Remove adhesive backing from wire hooks. Place one side of the adhesive on the back of the hook and the other on the wall. Do this for each hook you use and its corresponding sticky patch on the wall.

  3. Hang It

    Hang the crate on the hooks. Trinity used 2 hooks for in this project, but if your crate is heavier use more.

  4. Latch It

    diy shelves basketTrinity Jae

    For straw basket shelves, you can latch the top part of the basket onto the hook, or anchor it to the wall with a hook on the inside of it too.

  5. Note It

    Use the amount of hooks you need that correspond to the size and weight of your baskets. Avoid using flimsy or soft baskets that would work better on the floor.

    As shown in the video, the crates are good for storing heavy hardcover textbooks. Electronics and office supplies could be conveniently stored in these cubes too.  Why not put these up in the closet for shoes or your secret comic collection? Since adhesive is being used to hang these, college kids and apartment dwellers won’t have to worry about holes in the wall.

    Straw baskets are not only functional, but can be a beautiful accent to any room. As shelves, these would be a great addition to the bathroom, kitchen, or living area! If you decide to use two or more of these shelves on the same wall, make sure to space them out so they don’t clutter the wall. If you’re weary of sticky adhesives, drywall anchors can be subbed in to secure sturdier hardware.

    These DIY shelves are easy and low cost, giving you much needed space. You can even put smaller baskets or storage bins inside of these shelves! Spare your garage or bathroom counters from clutter and let the walls organize it. Have you ever rigged up your own shelving units? What did you use to make them? Share with us in the comments!