Spring is here! You know that means – flowers! Lots and lots of flowers. I know that I’ve been going kind of crazy at the market, buying fresh flowers whenever I see them. It’s been months, I’ve missed them brightening up the house. Now that my lovely flowers are back in season, though, I need something equally as lovely to showcase them in! These 3 DIY vases are easy to make and will look wonderful anywhere in your home.

1. Acrylic Vases: Take some cheap glass vases and some bottles of acrylic paint (you can get them for under a dollar!). Pour the paint into the vases and move it around until the paint coats in the entire inside of the vase.

These look amazing with fresh wildflowers or even empty on a windowsill!

2. Looking Glass Mason Jars: All you’ll need is mason jars and looking glass spray paint.

The end result is a cool, metallic-looking vase to displays your spring flowers. They also make amazing centerpieces.

3. Twine Ribbon Vases: These have a perfectly rustic vibe to them. Wrap some burlap ribbon and then a smaller ribbon around the burlap for a nice layered affect!