How To Make An Easy DIY Terrarium Lamp That’s Perfect For Spring

If you’re jazzing up your home for spring, we would be willing to bet there are plants involved. We can’t blame you, springtime definitely calls for some foliage! If you’re tired of the regular old plants-in-a-pot routine, we have a fun DIY that will bring a little life (and light) to your home in a really unique way: a DIY terrarium lamp. If you’re unsure what a terrarium is, it’s basically a little glass case that hosts a garden inside. Usually, you’ll find cacti or succulents in these terrariums because they can be difficult to reach into and water. Like this lamp terrarium, for instance! Watch the video below and see how you can pull off this unusual DIY.

Unlike some similar projects, you will be able to water this particular terrarium. However, we highly suggest going for low-maintenance plants regardless.

All in all, this project looks so cool and is so simple to make! Much easier than it looks, we promise.

Quick tip: If you’re under 18, we highly suggest doing this with a parent or adult! Building a lamp might be a breeze for some of us, but for people like me, it can probably become dangerous quickly.

Here’s what supplies you’ll need the steps you’ll need to take to make your terrarium lamp:

– A glass jar with a lid
– Green moss
– Colored moss
– Sand
– A bag of white rocks
– Succulents
– Glue (hot glue and E6000 is suggested)
– Lamp kit
– Lamp shade

STEP 1: Start by pouring the sand into your jar. Pour diagonally so it’s taller on one side.
STEP 2: Add your rocks.
STEP 3: Add your moss and plants however you would like.
STEP 4: Follow the instructions on your lamp kit to make your own lamp.
STEP 5: Glue the base of the light bulb on top of your jar lid. Once dry, put the lid on your jar and put on your lampshade.

This is such a cool DIY! You get two amazing things in one project: a little succulent garden and a lamp that you put together yourself. Who can say that about their decor?

What do you think of this DIY? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.