What would summer be without a sprinkler to jump through? I know that was always my favorite backyard activity as a kid – it was classic summer fun! But if you’re lacking a sprinkler, you don’t have to go out and buy one. All you need is this easy DIY! This DIY hack is a must for the next time your kids need to cool off from the heat or for when you’re hosting some neighborhood friends! You only need two simple things for a whole lot of summer fun. Watch the video below to see this simple trick.

All you need to make your very own sprinkler system? A pool noodle and your hose. When you see how easy this hack is, you’re going to wonder why you never thought to do it yourself!

The folks at Make It Love It have shown us this brilliant DIY, and here’s what you’ll need to pull it off yourself.


– Pool noodle
– Scissor
– Skewer
– Duct tape
– Hose

STEP 1: First, cut one end of the pool noodle off. Cut it into fourths and then use two of those pieces to clog the cut end of the noodle. (We don’t want to put the hose in the noodle, just to have all the water spray out the other end!)

STEP 2: To make sure the noodle stays clogged, duct tape that side closed. Use festive duct tape to make your DIY sprinkler look fun!

STEP 3: Use a skewer (or anything sharp and circular) to poke holes in the noodle. For taller streams, only poke one row of holes, 2-3 inches apart.

STEP 4: Stick the hose in the other end and keep it there with duct tape on that side. Turn the hose on for endless summer fun!

What do you think of this clever DIY sprinkler? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.