With the weather heating up and spring now in full swing, it’s time to start planning some fun outdoor activities with the kids! They’re going to want to spend more time outside in the sun and so are you. So what can you do that’s safe, fun, and not so exhausting that you need a nap, too? Sidewalk chalk! Let the kids’ imaginations run wild by jazzing up your neighbor sidewalk or your very own driveway. Looking to make your own chalk? Luckily, there’s an extremely simple DIY that only requires 4 supplies to make your very own homemade chalk. This will be a fun projects for you and the kids to do together, and you can even make customized colors and shapes! Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

While some might argue that the TRULY most simple way to get chalk is to go out and buy some, the crafters among us will take that as a downright challenge. Think how fun it would be to make this with the kids, explaining to them that they’re making their OWN chalk to play with! That will make playtime that much more fun for them.

All you’ll need to start is a few supplies:

– Plaster of Paris 3/4 cup
– Tempera Paint 2-4 Tbs
– Water 1/2 cup
– Lego Molds

To start, mix the warm water and paint. Eyeball this, adding color if you’d like the chalk darker.

Now, gradually add the plaster. You’ll notice the mixture gets lighter, that’s to be expected!

Pour your mixture into any molds you’d like and let them sit overnight in the fridge before using. They come out of the fridge so cute – you can even customize them to match a themed birthday party! They would be such cute favors.

What do you think of this kid-friendly DIY? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.