Putting up the Christmas decorations: one of the most fun and festive holiday activities. Taking those decorations down again: one of the most annoying and frustrating! If you’ve ever struggled to fit all of those ornaments back into their boxes, wrestle garlands into bags, or rushed out to buy more plastic tubs, then you know the pain that is the end of the season.

Before you consider giving up and just leaving all the décor up until next Christmas, check out these tips from Clutter Bug on how to make the perfect ornament organizer the DIY way! Get your ornaments under control for this holiday season and the next with this genius hack.

Like she says in the video below, this hack might seem a little lame at first. Red Solo cups? Not very cute. But, honestly, forget looks! This is a handy trick that really does the job making this tedious task manageable.

Here’s what you’ll need to pull off the project:

  • Plastic buckets
  • Piece of wood (cut to size)
  • Hot glue
  • Red plastic cups
  • Cardboard

Definitely check out the video below to get the full instructions and to see how her organizers came out! She ended up having to use two (because her family decided to have two Christmas trees that year) but she managed to get all the ornaments from each tree into ONE BUCKET.

That’s just unheard of.

The size of the buckets are certainly up to you, but we definitely suggest the largest you can manage in your closet space. The bucket might seem bulky, but considering it’s probably the ONLY one you’ll need, you’ll actually be saving a ton of space.

What do you think of this clever ornament organization? Will you use this system this holiday seaosn? Share your thoughts on this Christmas hack in the comments section below.