Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Kids insisting on waking you up at the crack of dawn? Tired pretty much all the time? You, my friend, need some blackout curtains! We all need better sleep habits, and one of the easiest ones is insuring that we’re sleeping in a completely dark room. The easiest way to get that preferred level of darkness is with some blackout curtains, but those can cost quite a lot. Instead of feeling like you have to choose between your financial health and your health, try a better solution: making your own! The curtains you already have can be transformed into a blackout version really easily, without any sewing required. Debt Is Dum does it in all of her bedrooms, and now she’s showing us how. Watch and learn!

See? Easy. Let’s recap:



– Blackout material
– Curtain clips


  1. Have the store where you buy the material cut it to match the size of your existing curtains, or cut the material yourself.
  2. Use the clips to hang the material between your existing curtains and the window.
  3. Sleep.

That’s it. Seems so obvious once it’s pointed out, right? Have you tried this method or made your own blackout curtains before?