Something that never goes out of style is mirrored furniture. This trend, especially for bedroom furniture, is timeless and very popular…so therefore, it’s very expensive. If you’ve been dying to add a mirror piece of furniture to your decor, but you can’t justify emptying your wallet for it, we have the solution for you. This DIY project will take any old dresser and turn it into a sleek, mirrored dresser for next to nothing. Watch the video below for the whole tutorial and see how you can upgrade your dresser, too.

To transform your normal dresser to a jazzed up, mirrored dresser, you’ll need the following things:

– Dresser
– Sander
– Sand Paper
– Primer
– Spray Paint
– Glue
– Mirrors
– Dresser Knobs

You can get everything listed at your local hardware store (like Lowe’s or Home Depot) for very cheap. If you don’t have a dresser you’d like to upgrade, try hunting at secondhand stores like Goodwill for an inexpensive dresser.

STEP 1: Take all the hardware off your dresser and sand down the entire surface.
STEP 2: Prime the edges of the dresser where you’ll be spray painting.
STEP 3: Spray paint all the white areas that you primed on the dresser. Give the spray paint a few hours to dry.
STEP 4: Once dry, move the dresser into the room where you’ll be keeping it.
STEP 5: Lay the dresser on its back (drawers up) and glue on the mirrors. Place some books on top to make sure the mirrors are really getting glued on.
STEP 6: Once the mirrors are dried, measure to find the center of each drawer and mark. This will be wear you glue on the knobs.
STEP 7: Pull the dresser back onto its feet to glue on the larger mirrors for the sides and top.
STEP 8: Once everything is dry, clean your mirrors off. Then decorate your new mirrored dresser!

A couple pro tips:

– First, try getting the mirrors ordered from a local glass company. They can make the glass panels to any size you want. But make sure to do this a few days in advance, because it could take a while.
– Second, while working on the dresser, try to sleep in a different room – the smell is very irritating.
– Also involving the smell, we highly suggest a safety mask being worn at all times!
– Finally, don’t rely in any old glue – it’s VERY IMPORTANT the glue is sturdy. This project uses E6000, which is a very sturdy crafting glue.

We hope you enjoy your sleek mirrored dresser! Made for a fraction of the retail price and always on trend.

What do you think of this decor DIY? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.