Does your makeup stash resemble a pilfered haul from a cosmetic counter robbery? Is it dumped onto the bathroom counter, in multiple bags, or shoe boxes? If you don’t live alone, we’re sure that it’ll be much appreciated if you free up some space by giving your makeup its own place to live.

It’s time for change. It’s time to stop spending money on repeat purchases because your makeup is so disorganized. Those neglected eyeshadows buried under layers of lipsticks want to be seen and heard too. And those brushes you keep replacing now have several generations of family scattered about.

Even if you do already have a system, here’s another way to keep everything tidy and look decorative too! DIY Basics’ Isabelle Larue gives us a handmade makeup organizer that kills it in the clutter buster and design departments. She groups each type of item together for easier organization, and shows us how to store cosmetics on the wall.


Image of makeup mounted on wall organizer.EYSpace


  • 8” x 12” galvanized steel shingle(s)
  • Magnet sheeting (you can also upcycle flat magnets you already have)
  • Glue that’s suitable for plastic
  • ¼” Plywood board
  • Brass fasteners
  • Drill and bits
  • Frame (optional)
  • Grasscloth wallpaper (optional)
  • Brackets
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire storage bins
  • 3M wire hooks


  1. Cut the Magnet

    Makeup magnetEYSpace

    Cut magnet sheeting to fit the backs of the makeup containers. Isabelle works with eyeshadow in the video, but you can also use others like blush. Glue the magnet to the backs, with the magnetized side facing outwards. You can write the makeup color on the magnet with a marker. If you’d like, you can use this method for other makeup items as well.

  2. Drill the Metal

    Aligning the steel shingle with the plywood board, drill holes into each corner of the shingle, through the wood.

  3. Cover the Plywood

    If you are using grasscloth wallpaper or other covering for the plywood, secure it to the board.

  4. Fasten the Brass

    Makeup - steel sheetEYSpace

    Use brass pin fasteners to attach the shingle to the plywood board. You have the option to frame the finished wall organizer.

  5. Mount the Organizer

    Isabelle allowed the bottom of the organizer to rest on the vanity and secured the top of it by using brackets. You can either do the same, or use brackets to mount the entire organizer on the wall.

  6. Prep the Bins

    With the wire cutter, carefully snip small holes into the wire bins that can accommodate the size of the wire hooks.

  7. Add the Hooks

    Makeup hooksEYSpace

    Drill holes into the plastic plates of the wire hooks; attach the hooks to the wall organizer with screws. Make sure you are placing the bins on the non-metal section of the plywood board.

  8. Hang the Bins

    Hang the storage bins on the wire hooks.

    Once your DIY wall organizer is built, you can start storing your makeup. Place your eyeshadow magnets on the metal shingles, along with any other makeup pieces that are magnet-ready. Group items such as brushes, lip glosses, pencil liners, or tools together. Put them in your handy storage bins that can be unhooked from the organizer for easy access.

    In the video below, Isabelle also stowed the remaining makeup neatly in drawers. If drawer space is limited, you can add more wire bins to the wall organizer or simply keep them on your vanity counter. What do you think of this makeup storage idea? Does your collection need to be reorganized? Tell us in the comments!