One of the most annoying parts of any laundry room, across the board, is the space behind the washer and dryer. To make room for the necessary tubes and plugs, your appliances have to be a good distance away from the wall, creating this gaping space that quickly becomes a black hole for solo socks, loose change, and other laundry room odds and ends.

Not only do you tend to lose things to this behind-the-dryer void, this space doesn’t look very pretty, either. And when you’ve worked hard to create a certain aesthetic in your laundry room, that can really be a buzzkill.

How to make a laundry table for the laundry room.Major Hoff Takes a Wife
So how can you close the void while adding to your laundry room decor? With this DIY oversized table, brought to us blogger Major Hoff Takes a Wife.

If you have front loading appliances, then this is the perfect project for you. This table fits right over your washer and dryer, preventing anything from falling through the cracks. It also adds a whole new surface to your laundry room, giving some functionality to an already cramped space.

You have a lot of freedom in this project to design this table in a way that will compliment your decor; whether it’s rustic with re-purposed`wood, modern with bright colors or patterns, or edgy with metals, you can imagine a table to compliment any style.

Completed laundry room tableMajorHoffTakesaWife
Best of all, this is such a budget-friendly project! This blogger pulled it off for under $100, which for a customized laundry room table is very reasonable.

So pick your style, gather your materials, and prepare to transform your laundry room area.

DIY Oversized Table


  • 3 white wood boards 1x4x8’s(for the apron) = $14.91
  • 7 white wood boards 1x6x8’s (for the table top) = $50.89
  • 2 2x4x8 boards (for middle support) = $4.68
  • 6 legs $8 total
  • Paint (color of your choice)
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Wood saw
  • Wood glue

To get started, make sure you have the correct measurements. Making a customized table is all about creating something designed exactly for your space, so going in unsure about your measurements is not the most logical way to get started.

You should be able to get the wood cut to the right length right at the hardware store! Some places might charge you a fee, but it’s worth it to get an accurate, professionally-done cut of wood.

If you’re worried about making a table from scratch (and if you’re new to DIY projects, it can seem a little intimidating) don’t fret. There’s an amazing tutorial by YouTuber Ana White, which is exact tutorial this blogger used to make her table. There’s also a great video on making table tops for the other half of this project.

We would suggest you get started with the base; build and paint this first, and when you find a shade or color you’re going to stick with, leave that to dry and get started on your table top.

In total, the project might take you a weekend of work and the end result — a space-efficient laundry room and no more gap behind your appliances — is well worth the effort and small investment!

What do you think of this DIY laundry room table? Share your thoughts on the project in the comments section below.