The winter is a harsh time of year, with temperatures dropping and wind chill getting pretty extreme. As much as we bundle up and try to block each and every crevice in our homes, most of us our forced to use our central heating systems just to make it through this chilly season.

But the one downside of that is the fact that heating a home can get so expensive. To add insult to injury, consider how much of that expensive heat goes right out the window when you use it — no, seriously, right out the window.

Windows might seem like they exist to keep cold out, but they also have a tendency to suck out your heat. And at the price you’re paying, that is just uncool.

Close Up Of Female Hand On Central Heating Thermostat

So is there a way that you can essentially reinforce your windows so that heat can’t escape? Well, according to Alaska Granny, there is a way to make this a reality! All you need is a spray bottle of water and some regular plastic bubble wrap.

First, make sure you cut the bubble wrap to the size of the window; this can be as large or as small as you’d like! If your window is exceptionally large, you can use multiple pieces of bubble wrap to get the job done.

Water basically acts as the glue for this little hack, making sure that the bubble wrap stays in place all winter long. And, to our surprise, this hack actually does last ALL winter long, if you do it right.

Make sure to watch the video below to see how Alaska Granny uses the spray water to get the best results possible!

Putting bubble wrap on a window.AlaskaGranny

Once the DIY insulation has been installed, all you have to do is lower the window blinds. This will not only help to hide your makeshift insulation, but it will act as another layer of insulation, in a way. At the very least, it will be another barrier to prevent your heat from getting sucked out the window, forcing the hot air to stay inside and saving you a boatload of money.

After the winter finally ends and the cold weather relents, the removal is just as easy as the application was. All you have to do is gently peel off the bubble wrap; you’ll find there are no smudges or marks left behind. Clean your window as you normally would and enjoy the nice weather! It was a loooong time coming.

What do you think of this DIY insulation trick? Will you be using this hack to lower your heating bill this winter? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.