Want to spruce up your home but have a tight budget? It seems like an impossible task, but don’t give up hope! Just because decor LOOKS high-end doesn’t mean it has to have a high-end price tag. Thank goodness for the Dollar Tree. With a few easy DIYs, you can take these inexpensive dollar store items and turn them into adorable decor pieces for you home. Watch the video below and learn how to make DIY lantern using picture frames, a tiered succulent bowl, and elegant pillar candle holders that will make any mantle look complete.

Picture Frame Lantern – You’ll need 4 5×7 frames. Paint the frames whatever color you’d like and then hot glue them together so they form a box. Place plant, flowers, or candles inside for an elegant piece of decor that gives off an amazing rustic vibe.

Tiered Succulent Bowl – You’ll need two bowls (preferably the same kind), a glass, and super glue. Put super glue on the lip of the cup and stick it upside down in one bowl. Put glue on the bottom of the glass, and glue the other bowl on top for a tiered bowl. The Dollar Tree also has amazing succulents that you can remove from their not-so-pretty containers and pile in your tiered bowl!

Elegant Pillar Candle Holders – All you’ll need for this one is various heights of candle sticks and flat candle holders. Oh, and super glue! Glue the candle sticks to the candle holders and place those candles on these raised sticks to give your mantel some height.

Do you have any dollar store crafts? Share your ideas in the comments section below.