Do you have kids that are crazy for Harry? Or is it you that’s all excited about dressing up like a wizard? Either way, Dabbled has some great Potter themed costume ideas that you can create out of your own recycled goods. Take a look:

Make a Hogwarts Scarf Out of Old Sweatshirts:

Depending on which house’s scarf colors you want to emulate, choose two sweatshirts of two contrasting colors. The material will make for a warm and comfy scarf.

Make a Harry Potter Robe Out of T-Shirts:

If you’ve got 3 XL men’s t-shirts, some elastic and a button, you’ve got all you need to create a robe just like the wizards at Hogwarts wear. This tutorial shows you how to create a Slithering robe, but you can choose your colors based on your favorite house.

Draco Malfoy Costume and Death Eater Mask:

In the mood to be a bit more evil? This tutorial shows you how to create a Death Eater Mask out of a $1 skeleton mask.

You could combine the mask with this Draco Malfoy costume if you wanted!

Thanks to Dabbled for the ideas!