Grilling season is fully upon us now, which isn’t as exciting for everyone as you would think. Yes, if you have a patio and a traditional, stand-up grill, it’s so much fun to go outside, pop some burgers on the grill, and enjoy the nice weather will your food cooks. But if you live in, say, an apartment with no outdoor room to yourself — or even if you live in a house but you don’t have a typical grill — the whole idea of grilling becomes a lot more complicated.

While people in those situations probably view outside cooking as a huge hassle or even as near impossible, we’re here to tell you that it’s easier than you’d think to do some impromptu grilling!

In the past, we’ve shown you a genius trick for making a grill out of a tin can, but here’s another genius hack for making a perfectly good little grill out of something you probably have in your garage or shed: a terracotta pot.All you need to find is a regular old clay pot for your base, and you are on your way to a homemade grill.

All you need to find is a regular old clay pot in your shed or garage for your base, and you are on your way to a homemade grill! Just make sure to give it a really good clean if it’s not new, of course.

Once you’ve got your pot, you’ll need a metal cooking surface. In the Household Hacker video below, he uses a piece of metal grate that he discovered in his garage, simply trimmed to size to fit snugly inside the pot.

Next, you’ll line the inside of the pot with some tin foil, making sure to cover the hole in the bottom of your pot. For the actual lighting of your grill, fill the tin foil “pouch” with charcoal, about to inches from the brim of the pot.

VERY CAREFULLY place your metal surface (the metal grate, in this example) back on top. We would suggest maybe using tongs or utensils to get the surface onto the flames, otherwise, you will very likely get burnt.

It will take about 10 minutes for the grill to heat up completely, but once the right amount of time has passed, you can get to grilling! Toss anything from kebabs, chicken, fish, or burgers onto your DIY grill and get ready to seriously impress your friends.

What do you think of this homemade grill? Do you think you’ll try this hack this summer? Share your thoughts on this makeshift grill in the comments section below.