Whether you use air plants or succulents there are amazing things you can do to spruce up your home. But first, you must see beyond a few typical objects like light bulbs and cinder blocks. Here are three DIY planter masterpieces where we used everyday objects to transform our living space. 

Beautiful outdoor planters come in all shapes and sizes. So skip the expensive, plastic planter and turn cinder blocks into chic DIY planters instead. This is the first of three DIY projects you must dive into right away.

Transform ordinary (cheap!) cinder blocks into beautiful, customized planter boxes.

Cinder Block Planter


  • Cinder blocks
  • Styrofoam cut to fit the inside of the cinder block (optional: hardware cloth/gardening cloth)
  • Paint, painter’s tape, and stencils are optional
  • Potting soil, plants (your choice!) 


  1. Use blue painters tape to create your design. Start color blocking! 
  2. Paint the cinder block and wait at least an hour for it to dry. 
  3. To weatherproof, use spray varnish. 
  4. Put the styrofoam in the bottom of the cinder block.  
  5. Add dirt and your plant of choice! Succulents work for this too. 

Crafter’s Tips

  • Go to your local home building store and buy the cinder blocks as they shouldn’t cost more than 99 cents. 
  • You may need a few coats of paint since the cement is really porous.
  • Use decorative rocks to cover the soil of the plants! Get creative with the plants you choose. 

Succulent Wall Garden

Create your own picture frame planter blooming with a mosaic of live succulents and moss. This DIY project isn’t nearly complicated as you’d think — you can get everything you need to make a vertical garden at your local craft store. The textures and colors will make any space (indoor or outdoor) come alive — and even gardeners with the blackest of thumbs can care for succulents.  

Bulb Garden

These DIY light bulb gardens are also thoughtful gifts that can be customized with seasonal items – think little pumpkins or X-Mas trees! – or with natural elements like air plants that reflect your surroundings. This project literally only took us under an hour— although shopping for all of the elements could bring the total project time up to about two hours!  

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