Here’s How to Make a DIY Snowman with Dollar Store Fish Bowls

We know, we know— Halloween just ended. Thanksgiving’s the holiday that’s really up next, and we haven’t even bought our turkeys yet. So why in the world are we so excited about a snowman Christmas craft already?

Friends, because it’s ADORABLE— and super easy. Plus, all crafty ladies and gents know that you have to start early if you want your seasonal DIYs done in time for the holidays. That’s why you see craft stores putting out supplies for the holidays months and months ahead of time; it’s actually quite logical!

But you don’t have to go to the craft store to buy the main thing for this DIY Snowman. In fact, depending on your family’s pet-owning past, you might not even need to head to the store at all. Why? Because you’re transforming ordinary, Dollar-Store-level fish bowls into a friend for Frosty!


The idea comes to us from Kelly Dixon and her blog, Smart School House. The genius mother-of-two has found a way to create not one, not two, but THREE lovely and nostalgic classic winter scenes all in one piece of Christmas decor. Doesn’t looking at the finished project just make you want to burst out into a verse of “Frosty the Snowman”?

Kelly created these scenes with little more than little figurines, fake snow, ribbon and, of course, those trusty, cheap fish bowls. The result is that rare crafting ideal: an impressive DIY that’ll have your friends super impressed while also being insanely easy to do.

What we like about it is how easy it is to customize, and even get your kids in on the fun! Want to make a piece of decor that’ll be seasonally appropriate long after December 25? Make your scenes more about the snow and ice that can last all the way to March! Have tons of tiny figures around the house that your kids simultaneously don’t play with but won’t let you throw away? Repurpose them into a whimsical, one-of-a-kind scene that only your family could imagine!

The possibilities are truly endless, but the basic way to make this craft remains the same: pick your scenic fillings; arrange them in your fish bowls; and stack them into a snowman! Easy as Christmas pie, right?

To learn how to make this adorable, wintry craft yourself – and to get a copy of the full list of supplies and instructions – be sure to head on over to Kelly Dixon’s Smart School House blog. You can also watch it all come together in under a minute by watching her quick video tutorial below!

What do you think of this super-cute Christmas craft? Have you ever tried anything similar or used fish bowls in your DIY projects before? What kind of scenes are you imagining for your version of this snowman? Do you think you’ll give it a try this year?