She Turned Some Inexpensive Ornaments into a Beautiful Holiday Decoration That Would Make a Great Gift

Want to add some more holiday decor to your home in the week leading up to Christmas? Then you’ll definitely want to try out this DIY wreath made out of a simple wire hanger, dollar store ornaments and a ribbon. The project is very straightforward, but the results are pretty stunning.

YouTube channel AJ’s Craft Room shows us how we can get this gorgeous end result, for only a few minutes of our time and a few bucks out of our wallets.

Now you can decide what color ornaments and ribbon you want to use, which is a great thing about this DIY. A traditional red and green wreath would look great, as would a classy silver or gold take on the project. And if you celebrate Hanuka, we definitely suggest a classic blue and silver wreath for your home!

No matter what you celebrate, you can find a combination of ornaments that will make for a lovely piece of festive home decor.

Cheap Christmas Wreath


  • 50-80 Dollar Store ornaments
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Ribbon


  1. Mold your wire hanger into a circle. Feel free to use something round, like a garbage can lid, as a guide, but the circle does not have to be perfect.
  2. Slide the ornaments onto the wire circle, using their metal hooks. Make sure to vary size to give the wreath some depth.
  3. Close off your coat hanger by twisting the two metal ends together as they originally were in hanger-form.
  4. Tie your ribbon onto the hook of your hanger to finish.