DIY Easy Method for Doing Your Own Fake Nails at Home for Under $10

Quarantine life means that many, many people are trying to find ways to do things themselves that they would normally have someone do for them. For example, many people have been trying at-home haircuts for the first time. If you’re tempted to take your hair into your own hands, please check out these tutorials first (this one for men, this one for ladies)!

Besides a haircut and color, another reason many women visit a salon or beauty parlor is to get their nails done. Sure, you can buy fingernail polish and paint your nails at home, but many women are used to more than just getting their nails polished.

Do you miss fake nails? Thankfully, it’s actually pretty easy to do your own fake nails at home if you know which nails to buy and the correct way to apply them. Brittany Vasseur thinks she has found the best method for applying fake nails at home, and the best part is that you can easily find her favorite nails online or at a store like Target for about $7!

Another great thing about Vasseur’s favorite fake nails is that they’re not acrylics, which means they’re not only easy to apply to your nails (and she says they can last for 2-3 weeks), but they’re also easy and painless to remove!

Watch the video below to see step by step how to apply your own fake nails at home.

Wow! We love how natural these nails look. If we didn’t know any different, we would think Vasseur had just put clear polish on her own impressive, natural fingernails. We also love that pretty much everything you need (except for possibly a different nail file) comes in one inexpensive kit.

Viewers are loving this easy fake nails tutorial. One viewer commented, “I just want to thank you for letting us all know this secret. My daughter and I started using this method about 2 weeks into the quarantine.  She is a nurse and in and out of water all the time she is working. Never had one pop off they are great. Thank you again.”

Another viewer vouched for the method shown in the video. “I’ve used these nails in various shapes and lengths for years. Never had a problem and I follow the same routine Brittany has shown. They work ladies and I don’t baby them either.”

Do you use press on nails? Are you going to try out this easy at-home fake nails technique?