Run a quick price check on those pretty fabric-lined storage baskets you see around stores. Go ahead, you can come back to this. How much are they? We know you like them, and so do I. But why spend that money when there’s another way?

Creative internet bloggers have been up to some good things making DIY versions of our favorite home décor items. In the spotlight today is this project from Amie at the Busy Bliss blog. She shows us how to make a lined storage bin that is covered in rope. Yes, like ones that just caught your eye.

Amie bought her plastic storage baskets from Dollar Tree where they have a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. Scroll down for the instructions on how to make your own designer bins with only a handful of supplies.

Fabric Lined Storage Bin

Image of fabric lined basket.Busy Bliss
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Thick, decorative rope (Amie suggests manila or sisal)
  • Scissors
fabric on basketBusy Bliss

So cute and so easy! Amie keeps hers on the kitchen counter but points out they work nicely in entryways for keys or mail, or in bathrooms for storage. How about making these baskets for a nursery, office, or playroom where you can match the fabric to the room? Most dollar stores sell these bins in a pack so you can afford to go a little crazy.

This project is easily adaptable and can be tweaked to remake larger bins, square ones, wide ones – you get the picture. While it’s totally understandable if you want to keep these for your own home, they’d also make great gifts. Fill them with goodies like food, spa items, or baby gear in a container that someone would love to keep! For a detailed look at how Amie jazzed up her dollar store find, visit her Busy Bliss blog.

What do you think of this easy no-sew project? Would you make these to add to your home décor? For which room?