Check out this entertainment center – fancy, right? We love the sleek black finish, the decorative shelves, and the under-drawer storage for DVDs and wires. You’ll be shocked to hear that this entertainment center was sold for next to nothing. How?! Simple: Goodwill and a little DIY crafting! When this crafter, April, saw this falling-apart dresser at Goodwill, she knew she could turn it into something beautiful – and boy was she right! Curious to see how she took a junkyard piece of furniture and turned it into this chic living room piece? Watch the video below.

April purchased this dresser for $13, which is amazing to start. You will need to spend a little on the materials to do this DIY, but keep in mind that you’re savings hundreds off what you would usually pay for a classy entertainment center like this.

– Sander
– Sand paper
– Wood putty
– Primer
– Spray primer
– Paint (any color)
– Drawer handles (optional)
– Sheet of wood (cut to size)
– Windex
– Microfiber towel

STEP 1: Remove the drawers and mirror doors.
STEP 2: Sand down the entire furniture. Damages? Repair with wood putty as you go. Make sure to wear goggles for all sanding!
STEP 3: Wipe down the dust particles and prime the furniture. Use a spray primer for hard-to-reach areas. Do 2 coats of primer, sanding down in between each coat.
STEP 4: Paint the furniture any color you’d like.
STEP 5: Update the hardware on the drawers, you can get chic new handles for a few dollars at Home Depot.
STEP 6: Add new drawers. At Home Depot, you should be able to get them to cut wood to size for these drawers. The dresser April worked with had some built-in wood on which she placed the shelves, but you can drill in your own small planks or screws to set the shelves upon yourself.
STEP 7: Wipe down with Windex and a microfiber cloth.

Now it’s important to note that this DIY is not a walk in the park. This will take time and a little skill (experience sanding helps), especially if you have a bigger piece of furniture you’re trying to transform.

But if you love these hands-on projects, this is a fun one for you to try! It’s extremely cost effective for a new home or a housewarming/wedding gift. Your friends will love this new focal point for their house and that you made it yourself.