Most people consider winter the most drab season of all. That might be true for the murky weather outside, but that doesn’t have to be true for your home decor! Updating your home with some fun seasonal decor may be the best way possible to beat the winter blues.

If your overwhelming heating bill is taking away most of your extra cash (and you’re not alone, if that’s the case) you might not be in the position to go on a home decor shopping spree. That’s okay! These decor ideas are all DIY and can be done on the smallest of budgets.

Rope Lights

Dressed surrounded by rope lights.Christine Kobzeff
Although you might not be able to make these yourself, you should be able to pick them up for about $15 at stores like Walmart. Trust us, they are definitely worth the investment; these lights can bend easily around corners, are cool to the touch, and are a super-chic way to light up a darker corner of any room.

This DIY was a quick and cheap way to upgrade a bland bureau. Christine took a plain, full-length mirror that she had hanging around the house and placed it on top of naked dresser.

The rope lights she purchased came with hooks, which she just used regular screws and a drill to attach to the edge of the dresser. Taking the rope, she hooked the lights all the way around the bureau, instantly turning her empty space into lighted area.

Painted Branches

Branches spray painted white.Christine Kobzeff
Now this DIY is REALLY cheap. The main material you need…are some branches in from your backyard! Go for thinner branches and try and get the funkiest ones you can get your hands on.

Spray the branches white with any basic white spray paint and take the decor one step further by adding a little spray glitter to a few branches. Arrange these in a vase to give your home a trendy winter look.

Glitter Candle

Candle wrapped in seuquence ribbon.Christine Kobzeff
What time of year screams glitter and sequence more than winter? Embrace the sparkle with this DIY glitter candle, which you can make with any candle, hot glue, a length of sequence, and regular scissors.

Start by wrapping the sequence around the candle to see how much you’ll need before cutting it to size. Apply a little hot glue to your candle, starting towards the bottom, and gradually add ribbons of sequence.

Fabulous for New Years decor!

Beaded Pillar Candle

Decorative candle rolled in beads.Christine Kobzeff
If you want to take on glitter in a bit more toned-down way, try these beaded pillar candle. All the sparkle, but a slightly different look.

Christine used a couple different kinds of beads, but you can choose whichever types catch your eye at your local craft store. Start by adding an adhesive or hot glue to your plain candle, working very quickly. Put the beads in a plate and roll your sticky candle through the beads, trying to make sure you get an even coat.

To bring it all together, we highly suggest finishing off with a coat of silver or glitter spray paint. Quick note: as fabulous as these candles will look in your home, they are simply for decor and not to be actually burned.


What do you think of these winter DIY projects? Share your favorites in the comments section below.