Cleaning your countertops or getting the grime off the cabinets can be a real chore—literally, in more ways than one. Your dinky old cleaning brush might not always do the trick or you just might not have the time in your day to roll up your sleeves and scrub like nobody’s business.

If only there was an easier way…a way to really super-power your cleaning with something even more intense than elbow grease. Something that makes cleaning more effortless. Something that cuts the time in half. Something that just makes us feel like we’re not constantly on our hands and knees scrubbing.

DIY cleaning-hack genie is Star of Paris knows exactly what we mean. That’s why he discovered a way to turn that old brush we’re talking about into a powerful tool that didn’t require you to break a sweat every time your kitchen needed a cleanse.

Thanks to this jack of all trades, you can now turn any old cleaning brush into a super-powered spinning drill brush. And it’s actually a super simple process.

All you need for this hack are a drill bit and a mini hand saw, and of course, your brush that you want to attach and make more powerful. In just a few minutes and a few simple steps, you can attach the brush so that it spins with the power of a drill so you can make any room spotless, with as little effort as possible.

This spin brush comes in handy most for those hard-to-reach places that require you to really get down and dirty. Need your tile grout cleaned? Use your handy dandy drill spin brush. Need to get between the cracks of your baseboard? Drill spin brush!

Plus, let’s not even talk about how much easier and more hygienic it makes when you want to clean your toilet (just make sure to watch it well afterward!)

There are so many perks to using a brush with this much power. Not only will it be easier on your hands and arms since it requires much less effort, but the job can be done in half the time, so you can spend your day doing other things.

Ready to turn your old brush into a drill brush? Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

What a cool trick! Can you see yourself creating a spin brush with a drill bit to up the ante on cleaning? What kind of cleaning hacks do you have?