Never let food go to waste again and stop yourself from buying groceries you already have by getting organized with a great DIY solution. We’ve had plenty of kitchen organizing ideas, including tidying up kitchen drawers and the space under the kitchen sink. This one is a great way to get your canned food organized so you can actually see what you have in the cabinet.

If you’re a victim of having to take items out of your cabinet to see what is in the back, having to climb up on a chair to view hard-to-see spots, or you favor the stacking method of packing cabinets to their capacity, you may have to see how easy this DIY canned food cupboard rack can be.

This requires no tools and can run for less than 10 dollars at a hardware store. The only prep work for this project is measuring the dimensions of your cabinet space. Once you navigate your way to the closet organizing section of the hardware store, you’ll find those wire shelves that usually hold clothes, shoes or other items depending on which room that closet serves. The video below gives a trick that cuts (pun intended) the step of having to saw or clip that wire shelving by yourself.

By tapping a help button in the store, or by simply asking your friendly store employee, they can actually cut the wire shelving for you in the store based on the measurements you made. After that, its only a matter of leaning the wire shelving up inside the cabinet and stacking the items of your choice (in this case, canned goods) so you can actually see what you have without having to empty out the cabinet or climb into it.

If it’s a mater of trying to get rid of items to make rooms in your cabinets, that’s covered in another hack, but in terms of knowing what’s in your cabinet, this is an easy and cheap solution. If, by chance, the cabinets in your home require a little extra elbow grease – along with the use of a few tools – we have you covered on that end as well.

Ideally, it will be easy enough to remove the existing shelves in your cabinets in order to fit and prop up the durable wire shelving from the hardware store. In the video below, the “Do It on a Dime” host was able to get four organizing shelves out of the one long rack that was under ten bucks. As she says in the video, this is an ideal answer for anyone that has a kitchen without a pantry, but it’s great for families that have to make the most of their space. Even people who jar their own food, this is a great way to see what’s in the cabinet.