Who would have imagined that something like curtains could be so complicated? I had no idea until I tried to get curtains for my first apartment. Long story short, it turned out to be much more annoying, time-consuming, and expensive than I would have imagined.

The windows themselves were too deep set and awkwardly wide for regular curtains. They were also too short and weirdly placed for floor-length curtains. So the next obvious answer was to try and order custom-made curtains for my odd windows, but they ended up being way more money than I wanted to spend.

In the end, I was left with just my ugly blinds ruining the decor of my living room.

But now, thanks to this amazing DIY from Oprah’s OWN network, there is a solution for anyone who’s ever dealt with this situation! If you’ve struggled like me, you’re probably thinking you’ll be left with bare windows forever. Not the case!

All you need to find the balance between curtains and ugly blinds are two ingredients: cornstarch and water.

Probably not what you were expecting. We’re not showing you how to make curtain replacements, but rather how to make a window treatment that will make curtains obsolete. Essentially, this simple mixture will turn your windows opaque, giving you extra privacy and no need for traditional curtains.

Pattern left after window treatment.OWN

The extra cool thing about this DIY (besides how inexpensive and simple it is to make) is that you can pattern your windows with this treatment! It doesn’t have to be a plain, frosted glass unless you want it to be; if you’re looking for a little more excitement on your windows, you can paint on a pattern using a pre-cut length of fabric.

Here’s a basic overview of what needs to be done, but we highly suggest that you check out the OWN video below for more detailed instructions.

First, whisk together cornstarch and cold water before adding to water that’s boiling on the stove top. Keep whisking slowly as the mixture cooks, and it will gradually become a much thicker paste.

Next, you’ll want to hang your patterned fabric over the glass of your window. Tape it to keep it in place! Then paint over the design with your cornstarch mixture.

Miraculously, the fabric will stay on the glass with a frosted kind of tint. Not only will they look amazing, but they’ll do the job curtains are meant to do! What a crafty solution to the worldwide window problem so many of us have stumbled across. I will definitely be trying this on my troublesome window panes.

What do you think of this DIY window treatment? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.