This DIY Canvas Clock Is a Genius Project!

Could your home decor use some freshening up? Finding that your walls are looking at bit “blah”? Well, there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg buying shiny, new decor! You can make your own for next to nothing and we guarantee it’ll look just as amazing for a fraction of the price. If you’re looking for a piece of a decor that’s as functional as it is fabulous, then this canvas clock is the perfect project for you. With just a few store-bought tools, you can make your very own clock that will give any room an unexpected pop of color and fun.

This is an especially great piece of decor if your room is lacking a focal point. How can you tell if this is something a room in your home is lacking? Well, it’s a simple test, really. Step outside of the room in question, give it a few seconds, and then step back in with your head up and looking around. If your eye goes to something right away – maybe a piece of furniture or art – that’s the focal point of your room. If you find your eye is wandering aimlessly and you’re not sure what to look at, then your room is lacking a focal point.

Adding a focal point can really pull together the look of a room. In this case, you can do all that while ALSO getting a working clock for super cheap. Triple win.

You also have some creative liberties with this project, in the sense that you can choose any color or size canvas that you’d like and you can choose any color tape that you like. We’re very partial to the metallic tape; it acts as a great neutral that simultaneously goes with anything and makes a bold statement.

As far as installing the actual clock goes, don’t panic! You don’t have to construct a clock from scratch. There are very cheap clock kits that you can get online and in most stores, and they are shockingly easy to install. So no sweat there.

What do you think of this piece of DIY decor? Will you make this canvas clock for a room in your house? Share your thoughts on the project in the comments section below.

DIY Canvas Clock


  • Canvas (any color)
  • Plate
  • Pencil
  • Metallic Tape
  • Wooden Plank
  • Drill
  • Screw
  • Clock Kit
  • Tape Measurer


  1. Start with your canvas face-up. Find the center of the canvas and put your plate face-down. Use a pencil to trace the outside edge.
  2. From this center edge, start to tape your four big points: 12, 3, 6, and 9.
  3. Once your larger points have been taped down, put down strips of tape to represent your other numbers.
  4. Flip the canvas over and wedge a wooden plank into the back. This will act as a support beam but it’s also where you’ll drill your clock into.
  5. Flip the canvas over once more, so it’s face-up again, and drill a screw straight in the center of the traced circle.
  6. Install your clock kit!