This is the time of year we see cozy fall and winter themed items hit stores and websites. With that comes layered clothing, holiday gifts, and knickknacks for the season. You might also find yourself taking inventory of your décor, wardrobe, and gift stash as soon as the leaves change colors.

While we’re sure that you’re a lover of holiday-themed sweaters, there are a few crafty ways to use them and the unworn pile of sweaters you have sitting in your closet. Sweaters make the perfect candidate for repurposing and can be used for a myriad of projects.

What’s one of the most popular and simple gifts one can give or receive? Candles, of course! Okay, so what does that have to do with sweaters? Here’s a DIY project from blogger Christine Kobzeff that wraps candles in sweaters. Use them as pretty centerpieces, gifts, or to give your décor a textured touch of light.

If you can’t make up your mind about which sweater to use, you can be like Christine and grab a couple from a thrift store. If you can make up your mind about which sweater to use, just make sure Aunt Martha doesn’t see the mutilated sweater (now candle holder) she gifted you with last Christmas.

DIY Sweater Candles

Image of DIY sweater candle.Christine Kobzeff


  • Sweaters that you don’t mind cutting up
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Glass jars and/or candle holders


  1. Cut It

    Cut the sleeves off the sweaters at the shoulder line.

  2. Slide It

    sweater candle wrapChristine Kobzeff

    Slide a sleeve over the opening of your candle holder, with the wrist part resting at the mouth of the jar.

  3. Trim It

    Christine advises to leave about 1 to 1 ½ inches of fabric at the bottom before trimming off the remainder.

  4. Pinch It

    sweater candle trimChristine Kobzeff

    Flip the glass jar/holder so that the bottom is face up. Pinch the excess fabric together into the shape of a four leaf clover; trim across both sides of the extra fabric. The fabric should now look like triangles.

  5. Glue It

    Carefully glue each flap to the bottom of the glass, one at a time. Try to line up the seams so there are no bumps in the fabric.

  6. Take it to the Top

    sweater candle glueChristine Kobzeff

    If you want the option of giving the sweater a slouched look, avoid gluing the top part to the holder. Otherwise, you can add glue to the rim of the glass jar to keep the sweater firmly in place.

  7. Round it Out

    For ball-shaped holders, follow the same instructions, except you may want to add some extra glue so the fabric flaps hug the curve of the jar.

These sweater candles make great gifts and can be used at home year round. Besides using candles that come in their own containers, you can use Mason jars or vases too! For a twist, cut the cuffs off a sweater and add those to small votive candles. Fold down the top, or fold up the bottom of the fabric for an added effect.

Now, you know that sweater you have with the dancing snowmen all over the sleeves? You can pretend you don’t want to cut it up but you might actually enjoy using it for this project. Get cute and creative! What do you think of this simple project? Are you inspired to try it with your own sweaters? Tell us in the comments!