Houses tend to get smelly. That’s just a fact of life. Considering everything that goes on in a home, it’s not surprising that it doesn’t smell like roses all day long.

When the house does get smelly, the natural reaction is to use some Febreeze or scented air freshening clips, like AirWick. While those products work well and affectively ward off that scent (for a little while, anyways) those sprays and clips tend to get expensive.

If you’re looking to get that clean, Febreeze smell but you don’t want to spend that kind of cash, we’ve got the perfect DIY project for you! It’s a homemade air freshener and it’s incredibly easy and cheap to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 1/4 cup of Downy Unstoppables in your preferred scent
– 4 teaspoons of baking soda
– 1 cup boiling water
– 14-oz spray bottle

Downy Unstoppables come in a million great scents, too, so feel free to get whichever one you like best!

To start, combine your Downy Unstoppables and your baking soda in a bowl. Pour to boiling water over the mixture, making sure all the Dowdy beads dissolve. Stir it all together for a good consistency and then let that sit for 30 minutes.

Once 30 minutes has passed, pour your air freshener into your spray bottling. Tip: Using a funnel with this transferring process will help make this process a little less messy.

And there you have it! A DIY air freshener that you can make for next to nothing and spray on any furniture or surface in your home. Your house is going to smell amazing!