Left on Her Own, Divorced Mom-of-3 Literally Builds a Home for Family With Her Bare Hands

When Kelly Lewis divorced her husband and left alone with three small children to care for at only 29-years-old, she knew she had to make a big change to start a great new life for her family. Turns out, that big change is actually pretty…tiny. A tiny house, to be exact.

With the help of her friends, this single mother took control of her own life and built a beautiful tiny home for her family.

“Things were not going the way I wanted — career wise, relationship wise, personally,” Kelly confessed. “This was when I went through my most severe depression and I had to receive medical attention to address that. I’m 29! I know I have three children, but I’m still just 29, and I knew this didn’t have to be the end. That was when I decided to buy a piece of land. After doing some research, I stumbled across the whole tiny house movement and fell in love with it. Ultimately, it all came back to what was most important to me and finding that meaning for myself.”

In 192 sq. ft. (12 ft. wide by 16 ft. long) of space, Kelly has been working on this adorable tiny house for three summers. Although she did hire help to build the skeleton of the home and have a professional come in to show her how to install the electricity, Kelly did all of the insulation and other manual labor by herself.

She also made the tiny house a fun, cozy place to live with her amazing decor, might we add.

Kelly literally used a pencil and paper to design this dream house, no computer involved. She then went on to watch tutorials on how to install things like a composting toilet and a wood burning stove chimney in an effort to keep her little family completely off-grid.

Better yet, she used all recycled materials to build this glorious tiny house! Just when we thought we couldn’t admire this woman more.

There is so much to learn from Kelly’s story. She proves that just because things seem hopeless does not mean that it’s the end of the road for you; oftentimes it can signify a new beginning. More than anything else, Kelly proved that anything is possible when you have the right motivations and the willpower to move forward!

Make sure to watch the wonderful video below, we think you’ll be as inspired by this amazing woman’s story as we were.