Back in college, I used to know a handful of theater majors who interned at Disney World. They loved it, but they did mention how much work went into their rigorous training program as performers.

Now I understand why. The secrets of Disney’s requirements are finally out. Should you have dreams of working at this magical wonderland, then you should be aware of the expectations. First, you must know that anyone who works at one of Disney’s parks is called a “Cast Member”, rather than employee.

This goes for performers, cooks, or anyone else. The main priority (if not only) of any cast member is to ensure that guests are having a great time. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland or Disney World, then you know what that’s like!

To run a Disney park like a well-oiled gleeful machine, it takes guidance – and rules. Here’s a sample of what Disney cast members are expected to do while on the job. You might be surprised!

  1. First Names Only

    No titles allowed. A directive that came straight from Walt Disney has all cast members being addressed on a first name basis. He was known for having people call him “Walt” instead of Mr. Disney. In the case of cast members having the same name, only one can use it. The others have to choose a different name to go by.

  2. Know the Code

    All members of the team should be fluent in Disney code words. This helps to avoid uncouth or embarrassing announcements about cleaning up vomit, urine, or animal waste in the parks. You may hear something like “Code P” for vomit or “Code U” for pee.

  3. Fancy Trash-Picking Skills

    Normally, you’d bend over or squat to scoop up a piece trash and toss it, right? According to Reader’s Digest, if a cast member sees litter, they have to use a smooth “scoop and swoop” move to pick it up.

  4. Must Have an Answer

    While they don’t have to be a certified know-it-all, a Disney cast member is prohibited from saying “I don’t know.” If there’s a question that can’t be answered on the spot, another employee must be tapped for the answer.

  5. Sign Autographs Right

    Like actors who stay in character off set, Disney character cast members are expected to speak and sign autographs in character as they interact with guests. Everything you’d ever thought about Maleficent’s handwriting should be just that. To ensure that, performers are trained in the writing style for the role they are playing.

  6. Two-Finger Point

    To avoid rubbing its diverse set of guests of the wrong way, Disney staff do not point with one finger as it be construed as rude. Instead, they use two fingers or their entire hand to show the way or direct someone in the right direction

  7. Be Tall Enough

    Your aspirations of being Belle or Rapunzel will be dashed if you are under 5’4” or over 5’8”. Certain Disney performers must meet height requirements for their roles. If you’re shorter, there is hope! Performers from 4’11” to 5’2” have a shot at being Peter Pan or Wendy.

  8. Meet Hair Standards

    Part of the dress code for women is have neat hairstyles close to the hair’s natural color and without beads. Soft highlights are permitted throughout the entire head. Men can’t have hair that is goes past the ears and their facial hair must be trimmed to within ¼ inch.

  9. Stay Off Social Media

    As much as we enjoy the one-liners from Darth Vader’s Twitter account and Homer Simpson’s thought-provoking tweets, Disney cast members have to refrain from using social media on the job. Don’t count on seeing Facebook stories, Snapchat snaps, or Instagram posts from Cinderella or Gaston while they’re on the clock.

  10. Wear Low-Key Eyeglasses

    Only conservative styles of eyeglasses are considered acceptable for employees. No bright colors, logos, or flashy designs allowed.

  11. Jewelry Limits

    Only one ring is allowed on each hand unless it’s a wedding band set. For earrings, only one can be worn in each ear. No lip rings, nose rings, gauges, or ear cartilage piercings allowed.

Click on this short video to learn more about Disney’s employee rules. Then you can decide if you want to work there too!

Did you know about all these requirements? Which rule sounds like the weirdest to you? Which one would you have a hard time with if you worked at Disney?