Watch This “Dirty Dancing” Inspired Couple Make a Splash at Their Wedding!

Weddings—do you love ‘em or hate ‘em? During the summer months, in particular, most people tend to be a bit over having to squeeze into another bridesmaid dress or buy yet another set of plates on a registry. Sure, the vows can be heartwarming, but there is a certain level of fatigue that comes with having to attend yet another wedding! Thankfully, some couples do their best to make their special day just as memorable for their guests. Get ready for your daily dose of wedding dance inspiration!

This gorgeous couple with real dancing chops gives each and every guest the wedding experience that they deserve! The dance is set to the classic Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes song “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.” This emotional tune, naturally, conjures up images of scenes from the movie Dirty Dancing which features the late, great Patrick Swayze showing off some of his signature moves.

The bride wears a fun and flirty ballroom dancing dress which is, of course, dyed white for her wedding day—she is the bride after all! The couple does an awesome job of recreating the iconic finale dance from the movie. The choreography is so seamless that they don’t even seem miss a beat!

The groom then has his solo moment, and even brings in members of his wedding party to join him. It’s clear that this couple has some very coordinated friends! A cute little kid even jumps up to join the groom and his back-up dancers. With those moves, I would find it hard to stay seated too!

Of course, the couple does a phenomenal job of replicating that all-to-famous lift. Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about!

Though these newlyweds are hard to beat in the wedding dance department, there are definitely some honorable mentions that just need to be highlighted. Even if weddings and dancing aren’t necessarily your thing in the first place, it’s hard to roll your eyes at this wedding dance that features super cute and talented kid ballroom dancers. Or, this one which puts the spotlight on a skillful brother and sister dancing duo. There’s even another video that features newlyweds that are (maybe) just as good as our Dirty Dancing inspired pair. Hey, there’s even a Star Wars themed wedding dance. People are seriously having fun with these nuptial moments!

Believe it or not, there are several other couples out there who have posted similar Dirty Dancing inspired dances on the internet, but this one is definitely our pick for the moment! Watch the video below. We dare you not to crack a smile.

Did you choreograph or learn a special dance for your wedding? What was the song that you chose to boogie to with your new husband or wife? Do you have any fun or unique wedding memories that you would like to share? We’d love to hear your stories! Tell us all about them in the comments below.