This Dip-Dyed Wedding Dress Trend Is So Gorgeous

Not every bride imagines a white wedding for her big day. While tradition is all well and good, we definitely live in a day and age where the “normal” route is not the only one to take. In fact, doing something unique and one-of-a-kind is widely considered the way to go, especially for your special day! We’ve been seeing funky wedding trends with unusual wedding cakes (forget a three-tiered cake, how about a donut wall?) and unique, outdoor wedding venues. But this new wedding trend trumps them all.

The newest fad? Dip-dyed wedding dresses. You might only know the term “dip-dyed” in the context of furniture (I know I certainly did), but it’s essentially the same idea – only with wedding dresses. And the results are absolutely stunning.

Most brides have been achieving the look by airbrushing or sending their dress off to be dyed. The end result is an ombre-like effect with some really gorgeous, romantic colors. This is one creative way to give your dress the pop you’ve been searching for.

Realistically, beyond using this trend as a fun way to personalize your dress, it’s a smart way to hide how dirty your dress might become. You might not want to hear this brides-to-be, but long wedding dresses which touch that ground tend to get pretty darn dirty after your wedding day. So dip-dying the ends is actually a clever way to hide that dinginess – it’ll look much less severe than it would on a bright, white dress.

There are DIY tutorials that will walk you through how to dip-dye a dress yourself, but if that sounds like a bit too much for you, you can always have one ordered. Etsy is a great marketplace for unique dresses like these! This blush ombre dress is actually available on Etsy, if you’re as in love with this gown as we are.

People are really playing with this trend in some cool ways! This layered dress doesn’t just play with one color, but it actually layers a few different ones. It looks like an indigo sunset, which we’re obsessed with.

Others are much more subtle. Rather than colors on the visible outside of the dress, some brides choose to have the underlayer of their dress dyed! This is a fun way to personalize your dress without completely changing the traditional, white look and it would make for some amazing wedding photos, too!

This dyed underlayer is actually something I’ve been thinking about for my own wedding dress. Based on this beautiful example, I think it could be really fun and unique after all! I’m not sure if I would go for this dark pink color – maybe a purple or gold would be more my speed.

What do you think about this bridal trend? Is this something you would do to show off your true colors? Or are you more into the idea of a traditional, white gown? Maybe it’s just something beautiful to scroll through on your Instagram feed! Share your thoughts in the comments section below.