Fox Just Released a Die Hard Trailer That Puts to Rest the Debate About Whether or Not It’s a Christmas Movie

Diehard Die Hard fans are in for a treat with the new release of the 30th anniversary edition of the movie. In a holiday-themed trailer, Fox has pulled out all the jingle bells and whistles to let you know that this is indeed a Christmas movie.

Do you remember the first Die Hard from 1988? John McClane just wanted to go home for Christmas, but when the holiday party gets interrupted by bad guy Alan Rickman (hello, Professor Snape), he morphs into an action hero. It’s Bruce Willis in a tank top undershirt, kicking terrorist butt without taking names.

While some people have forged debates about whether or not this is considered a Christmas flick, the majority of people – including Willis himself – do not think so. Sure, it takes place on Christmas eve, and yeah, his wife’s name is Holly (which this trailer plays up), but does it make you all warm and giddy about the holiday?

We thinks not. Fox does its best to sell us on the festiveness by framing the title in Christmas lights and underscoring the trailer with holiday music to prove this point. And there is no doubt that fans of the Die Hard franchise will get a high kick out of buying one of these new copies that looks like an ugly Christmas sweater and comes with a set of holiday cards.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide if this qualifies as a Christmas movie, but either way, enjoy saying Yippee Ki Yay, friends!


What do you think of the Christmas theme debate? How do you like the trailer? Are you a Die Hard fan?