Tiny socks missing their mates. Loose bottle caps. Recovered binky. Crumpled onesies. Stack o’ diapers. All signs that you’ve been initiated into the diaper bag gang.

A parent’s portable organizer to keep baby’s butt, tummy, and style on point. Make no mistake, when packed to the brim these bags can weigh more than the baby. But who the heck wants to lug around a heavy diaper bag, and a purse, and the baby? Everywhere. For every trip outside the house.

The better question is, when baby’s diaper goes nuclear, who feels like sifting through mounds of baby gear to find the diapers, baby wipes, backup outfit, and hazmat disposable bag? Mom-Artist Elizabeth Rasco (called Liz) found a way around all that. And she did it by accident.

Image of diapers in wipes container.The Painted Dragon via Facebook

She posted the creative mom hack to her business’s Facebook page – The Painted Dragon – and it’s since gone viral. Using a headband from the dollar store, Liz strapped a small pack of baby wipes to the lid of a regular-sized baby wipe dispenser. With the compartment empty, she packed in a few diapers, a rolled up set of extra clothes, a changing pad, and the pièce de résistance – dog poo bags. Can’t forget those!

Seeing the popularity of it take off, Liz updated her original post to include an improvement. She poked eight holes in the rim of the container lid, and threaded some embroidery floss through them to tie the headband in place. To make it even more secure, she dotted the knots with superglue to hold it longer. When the band wears out, it can be easily replaced.

Image of embroidery floss on wipes lid.The Painted Dragon via Facebook

The package of wipes is easily refillable, and the best feature is that this carrying case is compact! Depending on the age of your baby, you can stash burp cloths, pacifiers, or bibs – whatever you need. Load it onto a stroller, or keep one handy for each vehicle; it beats having to carry an overflowing bag everywhere. It’s convenient, a space saver, and genius.

Liz’s idea resonated with parents all over the internet, with her post garnering over 15,000 likes and 109,000 shares on Facebook. Some remarked how they wished they could’ve used this trick when their kids were little. Others plan on trying this hack with some minor alterations. Liz has parents all over the world rejoicing over this small tip. Necessity was definitely the mother of invention here.

If you decide to make your own all-in-one, be sure to grab a stretchy headband (or two) to hold the pack of wipes in place. You can do what OG mom Liz did and knot-and-glue the strap in place; it’ll definitely help when you’re fast-yanking those wipes in emergency mode.

Just remember to refresh all your supplies so you’re not caught out there unprepared when a digestive disaster strikes!

What do you think of this brilliant mommy hack? Would you try it out with or without the diapers? Have you come up with your own parenting hacks to make things smoother? Share with us in the comments!