If you are raising or have raised a little girl, then we are guessing you experienced the “princess phase” at one time or another. You know, that stage somewhere between ages 3 and 7 when all she wanted to do was dress up to resemble her fairy tale heroine of choice?

Supposing that your little one is currently in the midst of that all-too-common love affair with all things Disney, then you may just want to start saving up for a Christmas present she will always remember—a transformable, couture princess dress. You read that right; you can actually buy your toddler their very own “mini couture” gown!

An independent fashion house called Designer Daddy is making custom dresses that literally go from casual princess “day” dresses to glamorous “nighttime” gowns with a couple of spins.

Talk about a dream dress that really takes you back to your childhood. We’re not embarrassed to admit that we would spring for one of these if they made them in adult sizes!


Who is Designer Daddy?

Just like the name states, Designer Daddy is just that—a father who also happens to be a highly-talented costume designer. His real name is Nephi Garcia, and the dad of three tells Insider that he transitioned out of making women’s couture when he and his family got the cosplay fever.

“I didn’t realize cosplay was my thing until recently, but I know my wife and my kids love it as well,” Garcia says. He goes on to reveal that the unique family hobby is something that his clan just loves doing together. Talk about some seriously chic family bonding!

Though his wife sports his creation often, his main muse is his daughter. Like most little girls, she’s completely princess-obsessed, so Garcia made it his mission to construct gowns that literally combine all of the fashion choices of a given princess into one intricate piece.

The creative family has worn their outfits to Disney theme parks to show off the amazing designs and not surprisingly, even the “real” princesses are completely dumbfounded by the threads. We think Belle looks a tad bit jealous here!

Belle looking at Transformation dressNephi Garcia via Insider

The Transformation line of dresses will cost you a pretty penny—the magic gowns retail for anywhere between $299 to $329, definitely a hefty chunk of change for a child’s dress-up outfit!

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that these special dresses are all carefully handmade and take hours upon hours to create. And while actually purchasing one of these kiddie couture creations is out of most peoples’ reach, that doesn’t mean that we can’t all show our appreciation for these wearable works of art.

Nephi Garcia makes dressDesigner Daddy

Now that you know all about Designer Daddy’s transformable dresses, you’ve gotta see the line in action for yourself. Just click on the video below to witness Garcia’s daughter take her daytime princess looks to nighttime in just a couple of graceful twirls. Amazing stuff!

What do you think of Designer Daddy’s Transformation dresses? Do you own one yourself? Have you ever made something similar?