The bond between siblings is certainly a special one. Science has even proven that having siblings is good for your mental health, especially if you happen to have a sister.

Shane Rader is lucky enough to have an older brother, an older sister and a younger sister. His older brother and older sister are quite a bit older than him, like more than 10 years, so for most of his childhood, he and his younger sister, Elizabeth, were the only kids at home.

After high school, Share enlisted in the military, and he was deployed in Italy for three years. During that time, he rarely got the chance to come home for a visit. He was really close to Elizabeth, and they missed each other a lot.

When Shane left for Italy, Elizabeth would’ve been just 13 years old. Imagine how much things would have changed for her in the three years her brother was overseas.

Shane wanted to surprise his family with his homecoming. He told his older brother, John, when he would be coming home, but he didn’t tell anyone else in his family. It was up to John to keep the secret and help him surprise everyone.

John must be great at keeping secrets. On the day that Shane returned home, John took Elizabeth home after school and then left to secretly pick up Shane. Of course, they planned to record the whole thing.

John started recording before they entered their front door. He indicated that Elizabeth was in the living room. The brothers proceeded to walk down the hall, not saying a word.

Elizabeth was sitting on the floor in the living room watching TV. She was completely unaware that today would be a special day. In fact, she had talked to her brother earlier that day and was convinced that he was still in Italy.

All of a sudden, Elizabeth looks up and sees her brother. Her reaction proves just how much she loves her brother and how much she missed him. If you ever doubted the incredible bond between brothers and sisters, you won’t after watching this video.

We’ve seen a lot of emotional reunions when military families are reunited, but none more emotional than this one.

How would you react if your sibling surprised you after being away for a long time? Would you have been able to keep a secret as well as John?