It’s one of life’s most embarrassing problems. It’s summer, you’re sitting at your desk, and you catch a whiff of something stinky that you slowly realize is . . . you. Ugh! Whether it’s because you forgot your deodorant in the morning rush, or that it’s simply given up to the summer heat, it’s a totally humiliating problem, especially if you have a meeting or work close to other people! What’s a working woman to do? Turn to Pure Wow, who have a secret weapon against smelly armpits: hand sanitizer!

It totally makes sense when you think about it! The main ingredient in hand sanitizer is, of course, alcohol, which kills not just the germs on our hands but bacteria in general. What’s the main cause of stinky pits? You guessed it— bacteria! The alcohol also helps your sweat evaporate, making it a one-two punch against everything wreaking havoc underneath your arms.

So what should you do? Simple. The next time you notice a smell coming from, well, you, and you don’t have deodorant handy, fish that hand sanitizer out of your purse. Rub a dollop into each armpit and let them air dry for a few seconds! That’s it! No sweat, no stink! What do you think?